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Laser Cutting Services in Noida

Laser Cutting Services in Noida

UAMS - Laser Cutting Services in Noida - Laser cutting is a production technique that uses a beam of light to cut a wide range of materials and thicknesses. A laser cutter can vary in size greatly from small desktop LED-based lasers with a power of a few watts to extremely large industrial laser cutting machines that use powers in excess of 1KW.


Laser cutters are very much similar to a CNC machine as both use an XY gantry that can move a tool around a workpiece, but while a CNC typically has a third axis for moving a tool up and down, a laser cutter will either have a laser module or a mirror that probably receives light from a stationary laser source.


Laser cutters have some advantages over other manufacturing techniques. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, laser cutters can provide precision cuts. Thanks to the precise nature of laser beams and their ability to remove material directly under the beam.
  • Secondly, laser cutters can cut thin materials more easily and faster than standard machines. This is due to the fact that a laser cutter bed uses a gridded design that does not need to hold the workpiece down when it is cut. However, a CNC is required to make multiple passes when cutting as well as being required to hold the workpiece when the part is being cut.
  • Another advantage of laser cutting is that it can be used to cut a range of materials than typical CNC machines. Obviously, CNCs can be used to cut thick metal, wood, and plastic, but lasers can cut a much wider range of materials.
  • Of course, one of the biggest advantages by far of laser cutters is that they are budget-friendly when compared to other manufacturing processes. Unless a part is being produced in the millions, laser cutting will generally beat other manufacturing processes. Laser cutting provides professionalism without the need to invest large amounts of money, and laser cutting can be used to produce thousands of parts at little cost compared to other production techniques.

UAMS offers Laser Cutting Services in Noida where you can find a wide range of engineering materials with all precision cut and quality assured. Our services are affordable to even fit in the pocket of small startups and individuals. Our customers range from industry giants to engineering students, hobbyists, all of who seek to have the highest quality laser cut parts at the right price.


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UAMS provides Laser Cutting Services in Noida and is a leader in this industry for both engineers and makers. The materials we use are of the highest quality and sourced from reputed manufacturers. The wide range of different final materials that we offer can be used in almost any project conceivable, and the diverse range of existing clientele demonstrates our ability to provide the best product in the industry.

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